Quincy Cab Driver Saves Elderly Woman From ‘Grandparent Scam’


An alert Quincy cab driver aided an 87 year old woman become victim of a “textbook grandparent scam.” Instead of bringing his fare to Walmart so she could buy thousands of dollars of gift cards, he brought her to the police station so she could file a police report. For the complete piece, follow our link to CBSBoston..

Quincy Cab Driver Saves Elderly Woman From ‘Grandparent Scam’

CBS Boston

Quincy police are lauding a good Samaritan who helped save an elderly woman from being scammed out of thousands of dollars in what the police are calling a “textbook grandparent scam.”

Police said Yellow Cab driver Richard Spencer picked up an 87-year-old woman who wanted to go to Walmart. She said she needed to buy gift cards for her grandson who was in trouble.

“I said excuse me ma’am, but that is not your grandson,” Spencer said. “It’s someone posing. And the police officers confirmed that to her that she was being scammed.”

Since another cab driver told him that this woman had bought two gift cards for $2,000 each earlier in the day, Spencer believed the woman was being scammed.

“I don’t think so lady,” Spencer said told the woman. “I think you’re getting scammed. I heard this before, you know.”

Instead of Walmart, he brought her to the Quincy Police Station.

Police discovered a man identifying himself as the woman’s grandson told her that he had been in a car accident and needed gift cards so he wouldn’t go to jail. The caller told the woman how to call a cab, go to the store, purchase gift cards and call back with the gift card pin numbers.

The woman did lose $4,000, but was prevented by losing more money by Spencer.

“I said, no, no we’re not going to Walmart. I’m calling the Quincy Police,” Spencer said. “I said I believe your being scammed and we’re going to try to save you some money.” Read More

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