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We Are Compassionate And Experienced Elder Law Professionals Guiding Seniors Through Challenging Decisions Involving Estate Planning And Long-Term Care.

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The Four Tenets Of Elder Crisis Law®

Elder Crisis Law® Is A Highly Specialized Multi-Disciplinary Practice Of Gosselin Law. We Are The First And Only Law Firm In Massachusetts To Practice Elder Crisis Law. Elder Crisis Law Embodies These Four Key Tenets:


Above all, prevention of crisis is our goal. By carefully planning ahead for medical and financial difficulties through document drafting, re-positioning of assets, and establishing decision-making roles for family members, you prevent the worst impacts of an elder crisis situation.

Prevention takes advanced planning and often giving up control of assets or decision making. We recommend that even in crisis, all family members discuss and implement strategies to prevent further crisis and harm for the elder and other family members. These types of services are normally offered by one of the many “Elder Law” firms around Massachusetts. Elder Crisis Law takes this routine area of law and targets more specifically the immediate risks to the elder and the elder’s family.


Crisis is defined as “a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined.” The key element to shifting a critical trend from worse to better is the degree of response.

Our team approach to every elder crisis situation gives our clients an aggressive, no holds barred counter attack against the negative impact of any elder crisis situation – emergency placement for care, financing long term care, coping with mental health difficulties including advancing dementia, and the pre-death needs of the terminally ill. Through thorough screening and active client communication/involvement we intervene on behalf of clients in crisis by representing their interests with hospitals, nursing homes, medical providers, state and federal agencies, and other third-party providers. Timely, proactive and thorough response to crisis can turn the tide in your favor.

Response areas include:


There are times when a crisis has reached such a critical point that there are few proactive remedies remaining.  It’s in these instances that our firm takes a palliative approach to addressing client needs.

Through the use of sophisticated planning techniques and court intervention we can palliate, or reduce, the harm from the inevitable consequences of a crisis. Costs of long term care, guardianship, tax considerations and end of life issues can all be mitigated to some degree by an experienced practitioner of Elder Crisis Law.

Palliation areas include:


A highly seasoned and experienced team of Elder Crisis Law attorneys is not always enough to resolve a client’s crisis. Our clients benefit from our longstanding collaboration with medical providers, hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, banks and trust companies, reverse mortgage experts, accountants, Realtors, financial planners, annuity specialists and life insurance professionals.

We do not merely make referrals, but work directly as an advocate for our clients with other professionals – assuring our clients the most timely and highest quality services at all times.

Collaboration areas include:

Palliative Care

Palliative Care Is A Multidisciplinary Approach To Specialized Legal, Financial, And Medical Care For People With Serious Illnesses Or End Of Life Diagnosis. It Focuses On Providing Clients With The Legal And Medical Support They Need During The Remaining Days Of Their Lives.

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