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Note: This is not the MassHealth website. We are a private law firm.

Home and Asset Protection Attorneys

The high cost of nursing home care can deplete a person’s lifesavings in a matter of months or a few years. With proper planning however, you can protect your assets and still qualify for MassHealth/Medicaid-funded nursing home care.

Gosselin Law is a full-service provider of elder law services. We have years of experience helping people plan for residence in a nursing home or assisted living facility, while enabling them to protect their homes and assets. We have many tools available to us, and we will work diligently to achieve the best solution for you.

For a consultation about obtaining nursing home care while protecting your assets, contact Gosselin Law.

A word of caution — If you make a mistake when transferring or retitling assets for the purposes of qualifying for MassHealth/Medicaid-funded nursing home care, the government may end up taking those assets. You should obtain legal advice before transferring or retitling any assets.

Protecting Your Home and Assets

Gosselin Law will develop a personalized plan designed to help you pay for Medicaid-funded nursing home care and protect your loved one’s assets. Instruments such as properly conducted asset transfers, the purchase of annuities, the creation of irrevocable trusts and other tools are available. In some cases, a reverse mortgage is an appropriate tool that can enable you to keep your home.

Because Gosselin Law employs these types of strategies on a daily and weekly basis, we are thoroughly familiar with how they can be used to achieve the specific goals of our clients. We will apply our knowledge and skills to develop the asset protection plan that is right for you.

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There is a five-year look back period for the purposes of transferring assets in order to qualify for MassHealth/Medicaid. Advance planning is always better, but even if you face an immediate crisis and must place your loved one in a nursing home, you still have options.

Gosselin Law can help you at any stage. Get legal help today.

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Note: This is not the MassHealth website. We are a private law firm.