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Experienced Petition to Partition Attorneys

What will you do if you own real estate as tenants in common and you want to sell that property and the other owner does not want to sell? Or if you want to keep the property, and the other owner wants to sell?

The answer is a partition action, which transfers ownership to the other party. In many cases, this can be done by agreement between the parties, the drafting of documents and a simple transaction that results in a transfer from one party to the other. In some cases however, serious disputes can arise over issues involving the value of the property, each party’s ownership interest, each party’s share of the mortgage obligation and tax liabilities.

Whatever your situation, the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer can be essential to protect your interests and achieve a fair transaction.

At Gosselin Law, we facilitate partition actions between tenants in common. We have many years of experience helping people buy and sell real estate, and representing clients in partition actions. Our firm will work diligently to protect your rights and achieve a fair resolution regarding any dispute.

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Skilled Negotiators, Strong Advocates

Our firm has assisted many people in the Greater Boston area to resolve partition disputes in a fair manner. Clients have included people in many different situations — unmarried couples who own a home together, beneficiaries of an estate containing a real estate property, investors, married couples who wish to transfer ownership rights to one of the spouses, and others.

Often we can negotiate a resolution that protects our client’s interests. In other situations, we can undertake litigation to protect the rights of the client. Our goal will be to achieve a fair resolution of your case as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

If you want to divide ownership interest or are forced to sell or split property, Gosselin Law can help.

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Note: This is not the MassHealth website. We are a private law firm.