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Massachusetts Supplemental Needs Trust Attorneys

As a parent or family member of a disabled person, you are naturally deeply concerned about his or her well-being. You can provide for the needs of your loved one by creating a special needs trust. This legal vehicle can provide a steady stream of income to pay for the living needs of a disabled person or for other designated purposes.

At Gosselin Law, we have created many special needs trusts for disabled people over the years. We gain great professional satisfaction from this work, and we want to help you provide for the needs of your loved one.

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Peace of Mind Through a Special Needs Trust

A lawyer at our firm can review your situation and that of your child or loved one. Our firm will then create a trust designed to achieve your goals and provide a stream of income for your loved one.

Our firm also provides trust administration services. This can ensure that the special needs trust continues to provide income, so that your loved one’s needs can be provided for, even when you are gone. We charge reasonable and affordable fees for the creation of trusts and for trust administration services.

Retaining Eligibility for Government Benefits

When providing for the needs of a disabled child, you must take care to protect the child’s eligibility for government benefits such as Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income and MassHealth/Medicaid. Our Boston special needs trust attorneys understand the complex rules regarding eligibility for these programs, and we will create a solution that preserves eligibility for these vital benefits and services.

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Note: This is not the MassHealth website. We are a private law firm.