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Guardianship & Conservatorship Lawyers

Questions about a person’s ability to manage affairs may arise suddenly or over time. In either situation, you need to make some important decisions about how to care for your loved one.

At Gosselin Law, we provide solutions for people who can no longer make sound decisions about financial matters and everyday living activities. We can create a guardianship or conservatorship that removes certain decision-making responsibilities from vulnerable people. We have other options too.

For a consultation about obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship for a vulnerable adult, contact Gosselin Law.

Solutions to Protect Your Loved One

A lawyer at our firm can review your family member’s situation and discuss how we can help you protect your loved one.

Guardianship — Our firm can help you establish a guardianship, giving you or some other trusted party the power to make decisions about living arrangements, medical treatment, and other matters affecting the health and living situation of a vulnerable person. If you live far away or have limited ability to tend to the affairs of your loved one, we can also recommend a provider of elder home care services who can visit with your loved one several times each week. A guardianship attorney at our firm can discuss these and other matters.

Conservatorship — Some seniors can lose the ability to manage their financial affairs or make sound decisions about money. To prevent the squandering of assets or their loss through fraud, a conservatorship can be formed. This places key decisions about finances in the hands of one or more relatives, or another party. A durable power of attorney can accomplish the same objectives, generally with less cost and inconvenience than through the establishment of a conservatorship.

Acknowledging lack of capacity is a difficult step for some elderly people. But it can enable them to live a dignified and independent life. A guardianship, conservatorship or power of attorney can serve to protect your loved one. They can allow your loved one to live at home and make certain decisions, if he or she has the ability to manage certain affairs.

Gosselin Law can help you make the right decisions.

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To learn more about your options regarding the care of your loved one, contact Gosselin Law.

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Note: This is not the MassHealth website. We are a private law firm.